Case Studies

ADS Development

Britney Spears

Britney Spears 2001-02 World Tour

GLOW 2008

GLOW 2008 Peacock Tail on Santa Monica Beach

SeaRay Boats

SeaRay Boats promotional show

SP Peacock Tail

Single Pass Peacock Tail

MPC-IFX Development & Amway


WaterScrim™                    Peacock Tails                    Fountains


V5 WaterScrim Nozzles
Since its debut at a small rave show in 1997 the WaterScrim has enhanced events ranging from bar mitzvahs to touring rock shows and now grace lobbies, atriums, nightclubs, rotundas, shopping complex’s and building entry’s around the world.  The WaterScrim has been installed in more places and been used in more events that any other water screen system by at least 10 fold.  It’s not just because we’ve been doing it longer than anyone else, it’s the quality of our products and services that keeps us busy.  More info...

World Exp0 2012 Korea, USA Pavilian    (waterscreen)    Mirage WaterWorks
X-Scrim Configuration 200D   (waterscreen)   Mirage WaterWorks V5 Catch Troughs and Surrounds
The combination of the V5 Catch Troughs and Surrounds systems represent 12 years of intensive usage, research, development and refinement.  They come in Touring and Architectural models.   More info...


Peacock Tails  

MPC - Multi-Pump Chassis
The MPC-300 Series are in the high horse power regime.  These systems make big screens that produce water screens large as 80’ high and over 300’ wide.  More info...

Tabasco State Fai Show   (Peacock Tail)   Mirage WaterWorks

Usman Haque GLOW Event   (Peacock Tail)   Mirage WaterWorks MPC
The MPC-40 series is next up on the list producing water screens up to 30’ in height and can run numerous fountain effects.  More info...

The Mirage Pool-PT is the smallest of the MPC systems it brings the amazing spectacle of water screen cinema to any pool side event.  When used in conjunction with our Mini-PT nozzles it will produce a water screen up to 20’ high and 60’ wide.
More info...



Modular Dancing Fountain System

The MDFS is just at home in a lake setting blasting effects to 30 and 40’ high as it is in a Hotel ballroom doing corporate shows. 
More info...




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