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ADS Development

Britney Spears

Britney Spears 2001-02 World Tour

GLOW 2008

GLOW 2008 Peacock Tail on Santa Monica Beach

SeaRay Boats

SeaRay Boats promotional show

SP Peacock Tail

Single Pass Peacock Tail

MPC-IFX Development & Amway


Mirage WaterWorks is a full service provider of water feature systems & water feature design.

In a nut shell, we provide clients with the complete range of services required to bridge the gap between their imagination and the realization of their vision.  Our services are structured so that they can be accurately applied to your project regardless of the degree of involvement required.

Whether it’s the repair of a small fountain on your property or the development of a large scale water show spectacular, our services are tiered and tailored to meet your needs.  Mirage has proven time after time that its creative acuity and engineering prowess yield superior results.  Please visit our “Case Studies” section for further insight into Mirage's unique approach to solving engineering and creative challenges and the resulting success stories.

With a 20 year history in the special effects, entertainment and advertising industries, Mirage has forged an impressive array of products and accomplishments.  “I think that the biggest factor in our success is that Mirage has provided a roof under which an amazingly talented and technically accomplished team resides.  It has taken quite a few years to assemble this well rounded staff of industry veterans and they are what gives Mirage the edge”.  Please visit out “Case Studies” section to see some of the amazing accomplishments, shows, displays and products the Mirage team have created.

The Mirage Team specializes in the design, development, fabrication and installation of high resolution water screens, articulated fountain systems and unique multimedia water based displays.  In addition to our design and engineering disciplines, Mirage has manufacturing, fabrication and full production capabilities.  This “all under one roof” approach allows us to achieve a very high degree of control and quality assurance over the whole process from concept development to delivery and installation of the final product.

Along with these services, we offer our own world renown line of Indoor and outdoor water screen systems, Dancing fountain systems, Articulated / Moving nozzles and Robotic Heads.  Our forte is developing unique products and water features derived from new and emerging technologies.  See more about our cutting edge products in the "Products section".

Concept Development
Engineering, Design & Specification
Manufacturing and Fabrication
Mockups, Rapid Prototyping, Proto Testing,
R&D, Installation & Commissioning
Water Feature Refurbishment and Enhancement
Project Management & Consulting




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